Living the life of my dreams: Part 1

Living the good life in Chiang Mai

I stayed in Chiang Mai, Thailand for about 14 days. I had a blast. I can def recommend Go Gym in Chiang Mai. It has everything you need to become bigger & stronger.

Plenty of weights
Dumbells go up to 60 kilograms, there are plenty of squat racks, barbells and weight plates.
Exercise machines
They have a lot of great exercise machines. My favorite is the hack squat. It’s a great exercise for the legs.

I mostly ate rice, chicken, veggies, noodles and potatoes. You can easily get all the nutrients you need to grow for less than $15 per day. Near my place there was a restaurant where I could order a full meal for just 100 baht. That’s about $3. While in Thailand I ate about 4 big meals per day.

Where to relax

Rest is also very important if you want to grow some muscle. You can get a fullbody massage in Chiang Mai for about 5 bucks. There are massage parlors everywhere.

I also enjoyed going to the zoo in Chiang Mai. It’s a very big zoo, so instead of walking I used to rent a golf cart (will cost you around 600 baht if you wish to really explore the entire zoo with the golf cart). That way I could see all the animals, visit the restaurants and still give my body enough rest.

I love Chiang Mai

I visited Chiang Mai with my girlfriend and had a great time. It really now is one of my favorite places to go. I felt quite happy there.

My girlfriend shot all the videos in the gym. She is not really into fitness that much (I hope to change her mind about that), but certainly does love Zumba xD. 

We had a really great time :).