Life’s Good

Please note that Life’s Good is just a concept and work in progress. I will keep this page up-to-date but for now it’s mostly just an idea. If you want to get involved then please contact me.


Keywords: positive vibes, music, unity, happiness, love, inner peace, doing what you love, service to others, living the life of your dreams, nature & animals, creatings awesome things, a better world.

Do these keywords resonate with you? People can come together when they resonate or have passion & love for the same things.

When we have the same goals in mind and when we work together then we can accomplish wonderful things.

However, people can be divided by religion. Religious or spiritual beliefs, for example, unite people of the same faith but divides them from people of other faiths. I don’t think there could be a universal religion because it probably wouldn’t turn out that well. Lots of people would rebel and many people would just choose not to follow it.

So what if we choose to not share the same religion, perception, rules or principles, but instead unite with each other because we want the same thing?

My intention is to build a platform where people can share passion, do their own thing, live their dream and have a place where they can live self-sufficient and in harmony with nature. Isn’t that what we all want (freedom)? It’s possible if we choose to unite and work together.

If the mentioned keywords resonate with you then you could already be a part of the project. It wouldn’t matter if you have a different perception, opinion or religion. It also wouldn’t matter if we can be friends or not as long as we can agree to work together and focus on the same goals. This is how we can build and create something that can have a very positive impact on the world. This is how we can help each other.

If this project (Life’s Good) can get a lot of support then we can help a lot of people and make a lot of positive changes in the world.

What if instead you read this post, you look into your heart and go from there. Let’s see what happens with an idea like this. If enough people want it then something will happen.

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